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Gulfcrafts is a Doha-based bespoke design and manufacturing company. Founded in 2001, Gulfcrafts has evolved into a full spectrum resource, offering five distinct business lines; and providing comprehensive expertise in strategic development, concept design, logistics, manufacturing, delivery and installation.

Our factory is home to highly skilled craftsmen, designers, production workers and innovative thinkers. We work cohesively to ensure our team delivers the best possible customized and effective solutions for each client and every project.

We design and manufacture products for signage & wayfinding, architectural elements, space branding, bespoke gifts and awards, bespoke accessories; and provide services such as cutting, engraving, large format printing, electroplating and PVD coating. We work with top quality materials and offer valuable manufacturing flexibility.  Read more

What’s New

Bespoke Gifts & Awards – UN Congress

Gulfcrafts Co. created a custom made item for the 14th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

“The world’s largest gathering on crime prevention and criminal justice wrapped up on 12 March 2021 in Kyoto, Japan, with calls for stronger partnerships among different parts of the international community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and build a more just world.”

– UN Vienna